Case study on project management life cycle

First, it showed that concepts learned in a classroom environment such as the SDLC in the systems analysis and design course can be effectively applied in a business or in our case, a health care environment.

These terms do not refer to a particular person, such as the one who came up with the idea. While there is no consensus in the naming or number of stages e. We closed with how many life cycles — focusing on product life cycle. While such classes offer an overview of many different means of developing or acquiring software e.

Even one of the most current and popular systems analysis and design textbooks Kendall and Kendall, does not depart from tradition, emphasizing that the SDLC is still primarily comprised of seven phases.

Requirements Analysis In the Requirements Analysis portion of the Analysis stage, great care is taken to ensure that the proposed system meets the objectives put forth by management.

Our findings might also help practitioners appreciate that tried and true methods, such as the SDLC, are applicable to projects of a similar nature, and not just academic exercises to fulfill curriculum requirements.

Carry out a high level of risk analysis during the initiation phase. It also involves the creation of mockups, or hand-drawn sketches, based upon the vision document and gathered requirements.

It also reinforced that teaching the SDLC was in line with current curriculum guidelines and should continue. For example, patients take their own blood pressure or heart rate, glucose level, etc. There is also a hybrid approach that involves customizing purchased software.

The drawback is that it requires a substantial commitment from the business and oftentimes the proprietors pull back from the project if they get too busy with other things.

Operational Do we have properly trained individuals who can operate and use the software. Therefore the best advice is to give the client some time to think over the project and its application needs, and then meet and discuss it again to be sure nothing is missed. Of the approximately 25 users, half were trained the first week and the rest the next.

Project Close Once the team executes all the deliverables and delivers it to the satisfaction of the customer, they can close the project.

For example, who wants to know. It was, and still is, their core competency. Selection of a particular type of life-cycle model depends largely on your project scope and stakes.

Before answering the life cycle question, a key distinction needs to be determined: Make sure to communicate this information to any stakeholders so that they stay informed. The current system was not scalable to the growing needs and transformation within the environment.

After an initial meeting to offer help and familiarize ourselves with the task at hand, we met with staff i. You are a senior manager in an investment company in the food and beverage business and you want to build a water bottling plant.

Thus the choice was made to go with Vendor B. The author was approached by his neighbor, a retired accounting faculty member who is a volunteer at General Hospital. Insights from this study can be applied as a pedagogical tool in a variety of classroom environments and curricula including, but not limited to, the systems analysis and design course as well as the core information systems IS class.

Share if you like: The chosen software package must have an entryway for the attending, resident, or primary caregiver physician to interact with the system in a seamless fashion. The owner initiates the idea and gathers his team of experts design, contractor, trades.

As such, it provides a rich environment for the investigation of using the SDLC in a 21st century health care institution.


Kjerstin Ludvig*, Pernilla Gluch* and Göran Lindahl* Investment process, decision making, Life Cycle Costing, project practice, Sweden. 1. You can click the links provided, to view more detailed information on the project management life cycle.

Project Management Life Cycle

Develop a Business Case Undertake a Feasibility Study. The 5 Stages of Project Management – Understanding a Construction Project’s Life Cycle.

Project Management Life Cycle

Project managers serve as the backbone of successful construction projects, dealing with a vast number of complexities on a daily basis.

Project management in construction, which includes juggling various tasks and ensuring a project meets its deadlines, takes a great deal of expertise. This Business Management & Entrepreneurship Diploma will help you advance in many areas of business from operations to project mgmt.

and accounting to start-up Topic: Project management, system development life cycle case study | en - - The Project Management Life Cycle has four phases: Initiation, Planning, Execution and Closure.

Each project life cycle phase is described below, along with the tasks needed to complete it. You can click the links provided, to view more detailed information on the project management life cycle.

Case study on project management life cycle
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The Project Life Cycle - Understanding the 5 Stages of Project Management in Construction