Facilities operations management

PM includes adjusting, lubricating, cleaning, and replacing components.

What Is a Facilities Operations Manager?

Behind only the CEO in authority and responsibility, these managers often walk through their facilities to inspect the progress of all projects first-hand. The overall program should contain five distinct functions: Further, cleaning of delicate surfaces and artwork require the use of products that are less likely to damage these surfaces, while providing a healthy environment for the building's occupants.

Understand strategies that help address plumbing system problems. There are also strategic concerns, as well, such as an imperative to follow best practices, meet productivity and efficiency standards, and satisfy legal and safety requirements. Some equipment, at the end of its service life, may warrant overhaul.

This led to the federal community to determine how to meet these requirements and in the Federal Facilities Council Standing Committee on Operations and Maintenance published Technical Report — Deferred Maintenance for Federal Facilities.

Hons Facilities Management since Per the Federal Energy Management Program FEMPPredictive Maintenance attempts to detect the onset of a degradation mechanism with the goal of correcting the degradation prior to significant deterioration in the component or equipment.

Statutory obligations must also be met. This includes reporting value, condition and sustainability as well as adopting principles of total cost of ownership and life-cycle costing. For more on this subject, see "F. Those demonstrating strong leadership abilities and with more experience will find the best prospects.

Extensive research has been done by the Smithsonian Institution regarding the effect of temperature and humidity on artifacts and can be found in the following links: They also formulate company-wide policies and find the most efficient ways to implement them.

Depending on the size of their companies, such managers might be in charge of one branch or several locations. The goals of a comprehensive maintenance program include the following: Security[ edit ] Protection of employees and the business often comes under the control of the facilities management department, in particular the maintenance of security hardware.

In addition to meeting the needs of the business, compliance with statutory requirements related to office layouts include: Operations managers are often groomed to take over CEO positions. Managers need good analytical and problem-solving skills so they can determine the cause of organizational problems, formulate several options and then choose the best course of action.

FM may also cover activities other than business services; these are referred to as non-core functions, and vary from one business sector to another. As there are numerous and disparate operations and maintenance projects facing real property owners and their service providers, it is critical that they be accomplished in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Hons Facilities Management since Grounds maintenance and proper cleaning of exterior surfaces are also important to an effective overall facility maintenance and cleaning program. Per FEMP, the management function should bind the distinct parts of the program into a cohesive entity.

The Federal High Performance and Sustainable Buildings section provides key information needed by Federal personnel to meet high performance and sustainable building requirements. Cleaning[ edit ] Cleaning operations are often undertaken out of business hours, but provision may be made during times of occupations for the cleaning of toilets, replenishing consumables such as toilet rolls, soap plus litter picking and reactive response is scheduled as a series of periodic daily, weekly, monthly tasks.

These manuals describe the processes, methods, tools, components, and frequencies involved for requisite operations and management of physical assets. Role of the facilities manager[ edit ] Facilities managers FMs operate across business functions. Tracking the maintenance of facilities and physical assets, from preventative maintenance to scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs.

These moves are normally planned by the facilities management department using computer-aided design. They juggle several tasks in one day and must be able to organize their time wisely. For more on this subject, see "F.

Managers might start as technicians and move up the corporate ladder to become project leaders and department heads before assuming the facilities operations position.

Computer Aided Facilities Management —originally referred to space planning technologies, however, is not used more generically to describe a variety of technologies addressing any or all aspects of Facilities Management.

Failure to do so may lead to unhealthy conditions leading to employees falling sick, injury, loss of business, prosecution and insurance claims. Qualities Several personal characteristics are important to becoming a facilities operations manager. They also formulate company-wide policies and find the most efficient ways to implement them.

Reduce capital repairs Reduce unscheduled shutdowns and repairs Extend equipment life, thereby extending facility life. Gain expertise in building systems and operations, stakeholder relationships and communications, preventative and predictive maintenance, and project management.

Learn to use a variety of software programs, including computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS), REVIT and SketchUp for computer-aided design, integrated workforce management systems (IWMS), and building monitoring. Vision/Mission Statement "Working Together To Provide The Highest Quality Service For The Dartmouth Community" Each of us contribute to our success by.

NIKA’s Logistics, Operations and Maintenance practice provides state-of-the-art services needed to operate or maintain an entire facility support system, including labor, material, and equipment management.

Facilities Operations & Management.

Facilities Operations & Maintenance - An Overview

The built environment has become increasingly more technologically sophisticated and energy efficient, opening up more and more opportunities for those who want a career ensuring the well-being of.

Facilities operations and maintenance encompasses a broad spectrum of services, competencies, processes, and tools required to assure the built environment will perform the functions for which a facility was designed and constructed. As of Mayaccording to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, facilities operations managers earned a mean $, per year, or $ per hour.

Annual ranges ran from below $47, yearly to above $, which equaled hourly ranges of $ to $

Facilities operations management
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Facilities Operations & Maintenance - An Overview | WBDG Whole Building Design Guide