Hospital waste management in kathmandu valley

They pick up only those materials which are saleable. With a rapidly growing urban population, current institutions are unable to provide an adequate level of service. Prices depend on the quality of metal damaged aluminium utensils are exchanged with new ones.

So the study was conducted in public and private HCIs of Kathmandu valley. These kawadies are generally Indian origin people who separate these items and finally supply to either local Nepalese or to Indian factories.

Kawadies usually own junk yards where they dismantle whatever they have bought. But in many hospital of Kathmandu valley incinerators are operated more like a back-yard burner.

But in reality there is big gap between theory and practices. The dumping site was closed because the site could no longer take in the garbage that was dumped in it. Primary data Valuable primary information regarding the selected case are gathered from key informants, executives, beneficiaries directly involved with the programmes.

Regarding occupational health and safety, provision of training for staffs on waste management was available in Bir while absent in KMC.

Hospital Waste Management in Kathmandu Valley

Moreover, the Gokarna dumping site which has been the only way out is now closed itself. And the local population also suffered from environmental hazard due to mismanagement of the dumping site. Waste segregation can drastically reduce the volume and toxicity of the waste stream.

There is some possibility to resell some components of the waste, for example, syringes for illicit re-use. Infectious waste, especially sharps, poses a risk to anyone who comes into contact with it.

Critical Evaluation of Biomedical Wastes Management Practices in Kathmandu Valley

This also has termed our capital city as full of garbage contributing a bad and negative image among foreigners and visitors which must be looked upon considerably. So the management of garbage in the capital city is becoming a headache of all governments. The quantity of waste generation was estimated on average dry weight of waste collected from different wards for a period of one week.

Training regarding the hospital waste management for waste handlers should be encouraged. The major issue for management of hospital waste in the hospitals of Kathmandu valley is the lack of budget and awareness. Besides that study covers only aspects related to the community based SWM system ignoring the contribution of individual effort and other variables.

They have also studied the possibilities and have expressed the confidence that they are up to the task. Limitations Study is moreover limited to descriptive explanation.

As we are in the 21st century, the country should be kept with the sophisticated technology or be left behind.

The government has introduced plans to construct a million rupees Land Fill Site in Syuchatar. The volume of the infected waste can be reduced after proper segregation and significant cost can be saved for its treatment.

Most of the hospitals and medical care centers of the Kathmandu valley are facing a great and tragic situation if the hospital wastes of these establishments are not managed properly. The idea of scientific garbage management at present may not seem to be realistic, so it is for those involved in making the proposal and the agent that would be selected to conduct it should be serious about the entire thing.

Segregation at source should be practiced through the use of standard color coded containers with proper labeling in every ward. The problem of solid waste management in Kathmandu is not only because of inadequate systems of garbage collection and its final disposal but also due to low level of public awareness.

The Kathmandu municipal cooperation has been adopting various strategies for a long for the safe disposal of solid waste. Waste Management in Kathmandu Valley.

Garbage: A Big Problem of Kathmandu

May India and the Philippines are beginning to tackle the problem through enacting comprehensive solid waste management legislation that emphasizes community participation, waste reduction and recycling. In Nepal, public interest environmental advocates are turning to the courts for local.

Assessing Healthcare Liquid Waste Management of Hospitals in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal • Analyze hospital liquid waste management Research Design Study area: • Kathmandu Valley area: km 2 comprises rural parts of three 7 districts and five municipalities • About 2 million population.

Management of hospital waste in the hospital of Kathmandu valley is one of the most important issues. Numerous hospitals have been established in the Kathmandu valley.

Many of these hospitals are situated especially at populated area. So there is high risk of pollution contamination of. HOSPITAL WASTE MANAGEMENT PRESENTD BY GROUPGROUP-C1 BHARATI KC(09) SAMJHANA SHRESTHA(31) SEEMA GIRI(32) SUNIL KOIRALA(36) INTRODUCTION Health care waste includes all.

HOSPITAL WASTE MANAGEMENT PRESENTD BY GROUPGROUP-C1 BHARATI KC(09) SAMJHANA SHRESTHA(31) SEEMA GIRI(32) SUNIL KOIRALA(36) INTRODUCTION Health care waste includes all the waste, solid or liquid waste generated by health care establishments, research facilities, and laboratories.

Hospital waste management in Kathmandu valley Power Point Final

Healthcare waste is a byproduct of healthcare that includes sharps, non-sharps.

Hospital waste management in kathmandu valley
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(PDF) Critical Evaluation of Biomedical Wastes Management Practices in Kathmandu Valley